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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi. Today's look was pretty heavily influenced by this picture by Miaa Rebane. Her editing is top-notch, mine's a bit sloppy this time. Anyway, as you can see I joined the Liquence bandwagon. I think I saw you there already so let's just move on to the next item. That would be the colorful new necklace brought to you by MiWardrobe. You might be surprised to hear this but I'm actually on time with this one, you can totally still get it.

What else? Oh yes, the jeans are a recent release by mon tissu. The pose doesn't do them any favors but they're great. I also want to point out the heels. They're bold enough to make any pair of jeans sexy but I don't think they're slutty. Dirty Princess is the brand to turn to if you want a pair for yourself.

The rest I've blogged before so the credits should suffice. Thank you very much for reading. Now, good night! -B-

Hair | Liquence, F7, Color Ombres
SkinEssences, Lily, doux, brunette*
FrecklesJust Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
TattooMiWardrobe, Not Words*
NecklaceMiWardrobe, The Petals, Orange*
RingLaGyo, Queen deer ring
BagMiWardrobe, Fashion Street, Beige & Blue*
TopMaitreya, RB-Tank, White
Jeans | mon tissu, Best Friend Jeans, Original Wash
Shoes | Dirty Princess, Naughty Couture Princess Heels, Mesh Red
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

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