Ms. Goody New-Shoes

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi, this is B. Again. Oh how I love shoes. New shoes, beautiful shoes. And cute little pedicured toes. Maitreya Gold has made my feet very happy. My wallet, not so much. Ah, but when I bid farewell to a thousand or so Lindens I welcomed a newfound confindence. They say you can't buy love but you sure can love what you buy. Bay says splurge. -B-

Ms. Goody New-Shoes

Skin - DUTCH TOUCH, GroupSKin, Special No1 Caramel (Group gift!)*
Hair - TRUTH, Samantha, pumpkin
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Lashes - REDGRAVE, Eyelashes -04- MoulinRouge
Sweater -, Ballet.Sweater, Gray
Top - Boing Fromage, Beater Rib Tank, Plain
Belt -, Wide Waist.Belt, Bright.Pink
Shorts -, Denim Shorts, Regular Wash
Shoes - Maitreya Gold, Esprit-Xtd, Lime

*Was for a limited time only, similar skins for sale

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