Wind In My Hair

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive and well. I've had every intention of posting every day since my last post but every time I've tried something unexpected has come up. I'm not complaining, though, as I couldn't be in a happier place in my (second)life. I've met a bunch of wonderful people who I can't seem to spend enough time with. Didn't think anything or anyone could keep me from shopping and blogging but I guess I was wrong.

A lot has happened in three weeks. First of all I made myself a new shape. I started to play with one of the new system shapes and ended up with something I was quite happy with. And! Heather Beebe, the über-talented and more than generous woman behind RockBerry skins, dropped me a selection of her new Willow skins. I love the natural look and the fact that I don't necessarily have to wear prim lashes with them. Not mad at the price eather, 6 makeups for 800 L$! Please check out Heather's store if you haven't already, there's even a lucky chair!

I took the pictures at one of AM Radio's sims and wore something that I think fit the mood. Sorry for wearing jeans that aren't available anymore but I just love the flared leg. If it makes you feel any better the Polaroid HUD I used is free and very much available. :o) Oh, and I made yet another guest appearance. This time I tried to help out Felicity Blumenthal, the pretty, sweet and talented (not to mention heaps more productive than me, hehe), author of My Second Closet. Want to know why i said tried? Click here and read all about our trials and tribulations, lol. -B-

Skin - RockBerry, Willow B, Natural
Hair - ::69::, Model Hair 02, Lightbrown
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Scarf - Bare Rose, Donna, Blue*
Vest - AOHARU, BT MoutonVest, Camel
Shirt - Tres Blah, Floral Thermal, Salmon (Discontinued?)
Jeans - Last Call, Dahlia (Discontinued)*
Polaroid HUD - Burt Laundry (Freebie!)

*Part of an outfit

Location - The Refuge and Expansion


  1. I went to get the shirt from Tres Blah and could not find it. =( This outfit is soooo cute. *sigh* But I don't understand why I can't find the shirt. Anyway great blog. <3 - Emilee Magic

  2. I forgot to mention that the shirt is actually from The Fundraiser Board @ The Starlust... that appears to have disappeared. :o/ Thank you for the comment, tho. <3