Monday, October 27, 2008

I did it! I busted all the 113 (ok, 112 as one was missing) ghosts scattered around the grid. It was fun but also kinda time consuming as one or two were really tricky to find. Luckily I wasn't the only one hunting down the blasted things and we made it into a team effort. :oD I actually felt a bit empty after the frantic rushing from one place to another was finally over... but not for long as there was a lot of unpacking and critical evaluation to do.

All in all I think it was well worth the trouble. Yes, I did have to use my delete finger a lot but I also found many gems among the gifts. So, I decided to head down to Public Photo Garden and take a few pictures of some of my favourite items in the loot. Feel the urge to get into the Halloween spirit by busting some ghosts? TP over to the starting point, buy the starter ghost, read the notecard and you're good to go.

Eat more candy kids! ;o) -B-

Busted (3)


Busted (2)

Picture 1:
Skin - [LD], Dead Juliet
Hair - miaSnow, Wild Woman 2, Black
Headband - acid_halloweeen_pumpkin headband
Eyes - lessthan3, Dead Eyes
Candy (mouth) - Chicanery, Chica's Trick Or Treat Candies
Candy (hand) - Chicanery, Chica's Trick Or Treat Candies bag
Shirt - Vette's Boutique, Scary Monster, Orange
Pants - *katat0nik*, Skull Ruffle panties, Purple
Legwarmers - Razor Mall, Halloween Legwarmer

Picture 2:
- lessthan3, unnamed pale [Disturbia II]
Hair - Truth, Ruby, Halloween
Eyes - Kunstkammer, Hypnoeyes
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes
Scarf - nova, Wool Scarf, Pumpkin
Shirt - amplify, Dirty Chux T, White (Unisex)
Bag - Draconic Kiss, Halloween Batty Bag
Ring - [SG*], Jack, Orange
Bracelet (right) - Love Chic, Ghost Hunt Bangle Bracelet
Bracelet (left) - Ephemeral Creations, Jangle Bangle Bracelets
Manicure - *SS*, No.2 Tintable Nailpolish (Gloves)
Pants - WoE, GRJ-2b Wide Leg Low Rise Jeans, Black

Picture 3:
Skin - Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery, Spydr Skin, Natural
Hair - *JE*REPUBLIC, Pumpkin Hair, Pecan
Eyes - lessthan3, Dead Eyes
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes
Necklace - iGems *>*, Jenica
Outfit - *katat0nik*, Candy Corn, Purple
Umbrella - S by S, Pumpkin Umbrella 7

P.S. No SLurls this time, sorry. It's a hunt! xoD

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