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Friday, July 25, 2008

...and I'm back! Uh, but wait, did I really promise to do something cool? Well, I did something. ;o) I took four high-waisted pants and some other stuff from my inventory, stood awfully long in a photosphere and finally splattered down four outfits for y'all! I could've done more but I thought maybe I'd do a part two one day. :o)

Before we get down to the pictures I want to say a few words about the curly hairdo. I've seen people do the same to hair as they do to clothes: get creative and resize, retexture or even take a fringe from one and wear it with another. So, I did a makeover to a fierce wig by Zsazsa by resizing and retexturing it. And I quite like the result! I don't know all the tricks yet, but it's fun to experiment.

Oh, and I finally found MimiEden (letting you know just in case you want to go grab the freebie bag I wore in Bananaz). Old landmarks made me think of the SLurls I always provide in my posts. They get old, too, and it's hard work keeping them up to date (as if they are, lol). I might ask your opinion about the subject at some point... but for now you'll find them below.

Skin - :GP:, Radiance, Lavender
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - AC, Gentle Brush
Manicure - Awesome Designs, French Tip Manicure, Black

Picture 1:
Hair - *DH*, Edgy, Sunshine Blonde
Necklace - !BF!, Lady Cameo Set, Silver
Shirt - Twosome, PolkaKissmeT (Dollarbie!)
Pants - :bijou:, Starry highwaistpants, TheMap*
Socks - UmiUsagi, Lace Stockings 1911, White
Shoes - ETD, T-strap Peep Wedges, Navy/Wood

Picture 2:
Hair - *DH*, Edgy, Sunshine Blonde
Scarf - Decoy, Mraz Scarf, Kiwi
Shirt - Nylon Outfitters, Valentine set 2 top
Pants - artilleri, Chacha pants, Black*
Shoes - ETD, Hampton Wedge, Cerulean

Picture 3:
Hair - Zsazsa's House of Beauty, ZsaZsa's Exotic Diva Wig**
Shirt - Nylon Outfitters, Un-Swimsuit Tee, Red
Pants - Veschi, Jeanius Shorts, Indigo
Socks - House of Nyla, Eyelet lace frill socks, White
Shoes - FNKY!, Kicks, Green

Picture 4:
Hair - Zsazsa's House of Beauty, ZsaZsa's Exotic Diva Wig**
Shirt - !BF!, 80's Child Gizmo Tee
Pants - [VG], High Waist Shorts, Gray
Shoes - Periquita, Funny Girl Flats, Lime

*Part of an outfit
**Resized and retextured (ETD Series III, Light Blonde)

I used the pose stand in Vella Home free PhotoSpehere

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