A Dual State Or Quality

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi. So, I'm in love with Maisie. Yes, she's a girl. She's the new VIP gift skin by Birdy to be exact. I'm in love with my new pet, too. I'm sure you've got one, a Puggly if you will. Maybe you've got many. I've got three: a bear, a kitty and a raccoon. And what do you know, they are also by Birdy (for The Arcade).

The rest is not by Birdy. The hair is by CaTwA and the outfit is by Envious (L$180). The headband is a part of Ducknipple's SLX Outfit called Snuggles (L$100) and the belly ring is a part of Tameless's outfit called Jungle Drums (L$149). And that's all there is to today's look, really. Oh, just thought I'd add the prices as they're not high at all, au contraire.

I don't usually dress like this but sometimes it's fun to try something different. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading, good night. -B-

Hair | CaTwA, Mesh Nancy Hair, 2
Headband | Ducknipple, SLX Outfit: Snuggles
Skin | Birdy, Maisie Skin, Pure (VIP gift)
Makeup (eyes) | MONS, black eyeliner series, 5
Makeup (moles) | Essences*
Outfit | Envious, Duality
Pet | Birdy, Puggly, Racoon (The Arcade)
PiercingTameless, Jungle Drums, Cross Belly Ring*

*Review copies

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