Gloomy Day Juice

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hi. Today's look turned out a little gloomier than I was aiming for. Oh well, I'm going to post it anyway if you don't mind. And even if you do mind, actually.

I've been meaning to tell you about the hair for a long time. It's a great rigged mesh style by LoQ Hair and, believe it or not, the fatpack (35 colors, 21 fades!) is yours for only L$99. The FAUN Stompers weren't too expensive either, got them at fi*Fridays. The events come and go so fast I could be late on this one, though.

The items that are parts of outfits by Tameless are very much available. They aren't mesh for the most part but there are some great pieces for mixing and matching. I'm sure they keep improving, too, like the hair does. In leaps and bounds! So keep an eye out, why don't you? That's it. Thanks for reading. Do come back for more. -B-

Hair | LoQ Hair, MangoJuice, Black1*
SkinEssences, Clover 01, beach, brunette*
Makeup (lips) | Essences, Song Lipgloss 07 (dark)*
CoatTee*fy, Faux Fur Coat, Brown
DressTameless, Shy Outfit*
PantsTameless, Lace & Lies Outfit*
Shoes | FAUN, Mannix Stompers, Camo
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

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