Gemma Mistook Rudolph For Dumbo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hooray. According to my calculations this is my 300th post. Some bloggers reach 300 in a matter of months, it took me almost six years. Oh well, as long as it's fun, right?

Talking about fun, what do you think of the LavandaChic salopette dress that's available at Christmas Market (gacha)? I think it's such a, oh yes I'm going to say it, FUN and adorable piece. Makes my pixels appear so very young, no? OK, so the skin and the bag and the socks do help too. Mostly old stuff so let's just skip to the credits.

But before I go I want to thank each and every one of you who have read my blog through the years. Or even once. BIG love. -B- 

Gemma Mistook Rudolph For Dumbo

Hair | LaViere, Gemma, Ombre
Skin | Mother Goose's, RIKA-II 5
Scarf | So Many Styles, Tube Knit Scarf, Plum
SweaterISON, striped block sweater, gray
DressLavandaChic, Rudolf Salopette Dress, Green* (Christmas Market)
Bag | Toki-Doki, elephant bag, light
Socks | Honey kitty, kingdom hearts socks, blue
Shoes | Naughty, moccasins, adobe
Pose | marukin

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