Suitcase Full Of Balloons And Bows

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hi. I trust you've all been nice and good while I was gone. If not, shame on you. I've been just a tiny bit naughty but that doesn't count. I'm still getting lots of presents for sure. What? Oh, you'd like me to write something about today's look. OK.

The COCO shirt you see me wearing here has got to be one of my best purchases ever. I've worn it over and over again, and still do. It's not mesh, as you can see, and I do have some issues with it but it's the perfect layering piece. I've also blogged the jacket more than once so I must really like it.

All of the other items are new. The little suitcase is MiWardrobe's for kustom9, the Beetlebones boots are currently available at Collabor88 and the fun balloon shorts are a LavandaChic group gift right now (not sure when it'll change). I think I mentioned the skin in my previous post but you can get a better look now. And then there's the hair. In my honest opinion Nita has really made tons of progress, if you haven't counted Tameless Hair in your top hair brands before, I suggest reprioritizing.

That's about it. Thank you for your attention if I managed to grab it. -B-

Suitcase Full Of Balloons And Bows

HairTameless Hair, Cora, Naturals*
Skin | Birdy, Imogen, Porcelaine, Frost (The Chapter Four)
Jacket | COCO, BikerJacket, Black
Shirt | COCO, BowShirt, White
ShortsLavandaChic, Mix Balloon Shorts, red* (Group gift!)
BagMiWardrobe, My Suitcase, 1*1* (kustom9)
Shoes | Beetlebones, Fowler Laced-Up Boots, BONE (Collabor88)
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

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