Fusion Intrusion

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hi. If it was all Tameless yesterday, it's all NS today. The items that are not NS are brought to you by Eaters Coma, Essences, PIDIDDLE, Nylon Outfitters, Maxi Gossamer and KOSH. The SLink hands are so obvious I hope you can spot and find them without me mentioning them in the credits every single time.

OK, so how would I sum this look up? I guess it's a blast from the past in parts, a seventies, eighties and nineties fusion sorta kinda thing. Spared you from the arm and leg warmers, though. Hope you dig it. Oh, and it never ceases to amaze me how well-made and affordable NS pieces are. Just sayin'. Bye. -B-
Fusion Intrusion

HairEaters Coma, HAIR 31, Platinum Blonde
SkinEssences, Aime, doux, brunette*
Makeup (lips) | PIDIDDLE, Vintage Series, PinUp
Shades | Nylon Outfitters, Aviators, gold & green
Bangles and ringMaxi Gossamer, Ramona 77, Leather Studded
SweatshirtNS, 80's Party Outfit*
PantsNS, Fusion Pants*
ShoesNS, Adventure Sneakers*
PoseImeka, Emma, Pose 4

*Review copies

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