Do My Grapes Look Like Raisins To You?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hi. Sorry for not posting earlier but my Photoshop CC trial period ended and I had some trouble purchasing the real deal. It seems to work fine now and should for the next year. Yay for that!

OK, so I'm not the biggest fan of fall and winter but I must say that the awesome events going on right now in SL (Collabor88, The Arcade, The Chapter Four, Designers United 5...) keep cheering me up a whole lot. I haven't even been to all of them yet and I've found some of my favorite items ever. I mean, the Nylon Outfitters dress alone is something I could wear every day. We all know I won't, of course, but I could. And have you ever seen cuter sunglasses? I don't think I have. If the sun isn't shining you can just slip the glasses in the ISON clutch.

The hair, the jacket and the belt aren't event items but cute nonetheless. The skin is and it's very pretty, sorry for keeping most of it hidden in this picture. All the more reason for you to go check it out for yourself, right? So go. I have my mom's dog here again so I have to go, too. Thank you for reading. -B-

Do My Grapes Look Like Raisins To You?

HairEaters Coma, HAIR 31, Dark Platinum Blonde
SkinEssences, Amaterasu 03, lait* (The Chapter Four)
Glasses[glow] Studio, Deer Glasses, pink* (The Arcade)
Jacket | Nylon Outfitters, Summer Bikes, Grape
Dress | Nylon Outfitters, Denim & Plaid Corset Dress, Black (Collabor88)
BeltMiWardrobe, Harden Belt, Leather*
BagISON, folded leather clutch, gray (Collabor88)

*Review copies

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