Faun Interrupted

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi. I've had my mother's dog here for a week or so now. He wakes up at 5:40 AM every morning and I am definitely not used to waking up that early. So after work and long walks with him I just haven't had the time to post. Sorry for that.

Now that it's Saturday I finally have some time to myself and thought I'd post a quick look. The hair is elikatira, the skin Essences and the makeup La Malvada Mujer. Everything else is NS and you get it all by buying one single outfit. And it only sets you back L$150. I had to adjust my head a little bit for it to fit in the collar/mask/whatever, but it was no trouble at all. Yup, that's it. TTYL. -B-

Faun Interrupted

Hair | elikatira, Interrupt, Red 05
Skin | Essences, Wynter, Winter Fawn (Old Fairy Closet)
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Cinema Muto #5
OutfitNS, Hybrid Faun Mesh Lolas Tango
Pose | Kyoot Poses, Your Doll
Location | Inaka

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