She Never Wanted To Be A Showgirl

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hi. I bought this wonderful wig and a new pair of fantastic lashes, put on Essences' Opera and some eye makeup. And voilà! My look for this rainy Saturday was done. Well OK, there is the top but it's an old Collabor88 one. So, not very much to say on the outfit but maybe I should say a few words on the skin before I go.

The skin comes in 8 tones: pale dust, midday, light rose, beach (my favorite, also in the picture below), sunkissed, sunset, sunheat, and moonlight. Each pack contains 4 skins (blonde, brown, brunette and ginger eyebrow options), Lolas Tango skin appliers (mesh breasts not included), cleavage (tattoo, shirt and undershirt layers), eyebrow shape, 6 contour blushes and alpha lashes. It's available at The Big Bo.obies Show that runs all through April. Please see the vendor pic here.

That's all she wrote. -B-

She Never Wanted To Be A Showgirl

HairZsaZsa's, Roxxxy Wig (Rigged), Natural Black
SkinEssences, Opera 01, beach, brunette* (The Big Bo.obies Show)
LashesAngel Rock, Fluffy J-Curl lashes, Paris Show Girl
Makeup (eyes, shadow) | La Malvada Mujer, Rock 'n' Roll Suicide #2 (Old TFG)
Makeup (eyes, liner) | MONS, black eyeliner series 5
Top | Tres Blah, Lolita Off Shoulder, Roses (Old Collabor88)

*Review copies

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