Here For The Monster Party

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hi. It may be October but there's a beach party I think you should check out. It's the Starlust Monster Beach Party. You can find the Iren stuff (outfit, horns, fangs and hooves) I'm wearing in the picture there plus a lot more. The monsters should be friendly but if they try to bite or something, just bite back. K? Bye. -B-

Here For The Monster Party

Hair | miel, MOJITO HAIR, blonde I 1
Horns | Iren, Horns 2* (Starlust Monster Beach Party)
Skin | Mother Goose's, Nadine
Freckles | Glamorize, Freckle Face, Gingerly
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Cinema Muto #5
Fangs | Iren, Fangs* (Starlust Monster Beach Party)
Outfit | Iren, Outfit, black* (Starlust Monster Beach Party)
Hooves | Iren, Goat Legs* (Starlust Monster Beach Party)
Pose | Olive Juice, Sea Hag
Location | Black Kite

*Review copies

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