Disco Inferno + Paradiso

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hi. No posts in ten days. But a lot has been going on in those ten days. A farewell party, a birthday party, and a wedding for example. So, I've been having fun, woot woot! I'm a bit more conservative in RL but this here is a pretty good party ensemble for SL, don't you think?

If you want to obtain the same look start by getting some Happy Undead vinyl and fluff, then slap on La Malvada Mujer makeup and ink. Oh, and you need Yummy flamingos and MiWardrobe silver, too. The salon of the day is Tameless Hair. If you don't want to be a sloppy drunk grab a top, Chemistry's my choice. VoilĂ , you're good to go. -B-

Disco Inferno + Paradiso

Hair | Tameless Hair, Felicity, Bubble Gum/Sky Blue/Charcoal*
Skin | Al Vulo, Julia, intense night (Old group gift)
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, paradiso*
Makeup (lips) | La Malvada Mujer, inferno*
Earrings | Yummy, Flamingo Earrings (Collabor88)
Bracelet | MiWardrobe, Harden Bracelets, Silver*
Tattoo | La Malvada Mujer, inferno*
Top | Chemistry, Echo Tank Top, Lace White
Skirt | Happy Undead, Mini Skirt, vinyl toxic
Shoes | Happy Undead, Fluff Boots, b/w pink

*Review copies

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