Graham Crackers And Bacardi

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi. Looks like I've been pretty productive in September. Yay me! \o/ There's just so much I want to share with you guys.

First of all I'm loving all the new LoQ Hair mesh releases, it's getting crowded in my liquor cabinet. Then there's all the stuff I bought during the coldLogic sale in August. Not to forget the JANE jeans I saw Maribel Button wearing while browsing the Mon Tissu Blogger Search entries.

Was there something more? Oh yeah, I think Nadine looks pretty on me. I know what you're thinking in your dirty little mind but I was talking about the skin. I think this is where I wrap it up and you start crying. No? Well something like that anyway. -B-

Graham Crackers And Bacardi

Hair | LoQ Hair, Bacardi, Pale Golden*
Skin | Mother Goose's, Nadine
Tank | Maitreya, RB-Tank, White
Top | coldLogic, graham, sunset
Jeans | JANE, sweet n low jeans, indigo
Shoes | Celoe, xylia pump, patina
Location | Airflow

*Review copy

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