Free Candy, No?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So your mother and/or father probably told you never to take candy from strangers, right? But what if it's a juicy zombie head on a stick someone's offering? You wouldn't say no to something like that, now would you? Just ignore the shady looking van and whatever it is you need to ignore and take a little bite. I'm sure you'll love it. -B-

Free Candy, No?

Hair | 99 elephants, IEKELENE
Skin | Apple May Designs, Teegan, Paper Doll (TFG)
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Free Asymmetry (Old TFG)
Makeup (cheeks) | La Malvada Mujer, Rock 'n' Roll Suicide #2 (Old TFG)
Makeup (lips) | La Malvada Mujer, Diacrisia #3 (Old TFG)
Necklace | Orange Creations, Cord Cross Necklace
Snack | Concrete Flowers, Zombie Head Snack (Old Project Themeory)
Top |, Traveler's.Tank, Leaf
Top | Nylon Outfitters, Mesh Tank, Leopard Undershirt
Skirt | Milk Motion, My tutu, tangerine (TDRB)
Socks | Kyoot, Lacey White Knee Socks (Old FLF)
Shoes | J's, Platform Pumps, SofGray
Pose | Les Petits Details, The diagonal
Location | The Missing Mall

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