Never Want To Leave

Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling when you're somewhere far far away from daily routines that you just never want to leave? But then you realize that if you stayed the feeling would slowly disappear and that you actually need the routines to make escaping them for a little while as amazing as it is. I do. Guess it hasn't got much to do with the look but, you know, just saying. -B-

Never Want To Leave

Hair - elikatira | Frost, Blonde 08 (The Seasons Hunt)
Skin - Mother Goose's | HENA(2)A1.5 (End of season sale @ EUPHORIA)
Blush - duboo | achoo set (The Seasons Hunt)
Freckles - Glamorize | Freckle Face, Sunned (Cheapie!)
Teeth - La Malvada Mujer | Lara Stone's teeth (Cheapie!)
Necklace - Yummy! | Feather Necklace
Dress - Emery | Dress Coral (TDRB)
Jeans - Doppelganger Inc. | Frost Jeans (The Seasons Hunt)
Shoes - duboo | achoo set (The Seasons Hunt)
Pose - GLITTERATI | Long Hair 7

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