Forever And Ever

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good morning! It's Halloween again, my favourite SL holiday. To celebrate I paid a visit to Rackingham State Mental Hospital. It's a nice and cozy little institute you might never want to leave. And even if you wanted to they might make you stay forever and ever... -B-

Forever And Ever

Hair - Lamb, Glass Candy, Milk
SkinREDGRAVE, Hunter Skin Trinity, 06b deathAngel
Eyes - Nuuna's Skins, Creepy black eyes (Dollarbie!)
Lashes - Cheap Makeup, Spider Lash 2
Tattoo (Eye) - REPULSE, Bloody Eye Face Tattoo
Tattoo (Mouth) - REPULSE, Shuthefuckup Face Tattoo
Necklace - HoD, The Crosary
Tattoo - Para Designs, Venom Medium
Shirt - Kyoot, Flimsy Plungie Blouse (Sheer Lace)
Jeans - Fishy Strawberry, Gonzo Jeans, Storm
Shoes - COCO, EngineerBoots
Location - Rackingham State Mental Hospital

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