Cheap Shot

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help! It's awful how mean people can be. If you don't know the right code of conduct you might end up smacked upside your head. That's what happened to me at Hair Fair 2010. I mean, would you go somewhere without your makeup, clothes and accessories? Heck no! I'd rather choke on my prims than walk about bald and stripped down to my underwear. B*tch please. Just take it off for the greater good, k? Laters. -B-

Cheap Shot

Hair - MIEL, Mojito Hair, blonde I 1 (HF 2010)
Skin - &Bean, I Went to Hair Fair Wearing Lots of Prims (Cheapie!)
Eyes - Glam Affair, Stella Eyes 04
Lashes - LeLutka, LOLA Lashes
Pearls - Acide, Dark perly kiss (50% off for the month!)
Tattoo - Para Designs, Venom Tattoo (SBS)
Top - Indyra Originals, Soleil (MFW 2010 dollarbie!)
Shorts - Bomb, Burberry Jean (Freebie!)
Leggings - Sassy Kitty Designs, Unbuttoned Long Shorts Red (Freebie!)
Shoes - B! Fashion, Logo Boots (MFW 2010 gift!)
Pose - Olive Juice, Tymps (Opening gift!)


  1. Hey B! It's been a long time since I commented! I just recently got back into SL and just in time for the hair fair. To be honest I went bald and in my underpants. To each other own. It was still laggy as all hell.

    All I have to say is when I was there I saw a lot of useless things about. Like chairs and lights and tables and mirrors. Puh Please I am not to see how nice they decorated the sim. I was there to look at hair. If these host would realize that 52 prim lights, 18 prim fans (which there was like three in every tent) chairs, tables, mirrors, etc etc isn't helping the lag at all. But they except every to show up bald and naked. *le sigh* It goes both ways. - Emilee Magic

  2. Hi Emilee! Thank you for taking the time to comment and welcome back. <3

    The thing is, my post was a pathetic try at self-irony/being funny. I don't really mind what people wear and how many prims as I can hardly even count them. More often than not I forget to deprim myself.

    You do have a point, tho. It seems to be a real issue for some and elaborate setups hardly help the big bad lag. So host, please. Keep your booth simple. ;)