It's All News To Me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey, hey! Have you ever heard of Tahani Designs or House of Fox? I hadn't until recently when I received some review copies. Tahani Designs offers clothes, skins, shapes and accessories. The slogan "We've Goth Style" gives a pretty good clue on what the style is. This is what it says about House of Fox on a notecard sent by Jared Jharls:
House of Fox offers both Avant Garde and Casual clothing. Our style of clothing are mostly in the greyscale. You will not find anyone other like us both our fashion sense and our vision of the modern woman.
Instead of blogging everything I got, I decided to take my favourite pieces and incorporate them into one outfit. If you want to see more teleport over and start browsing. Be sure to grab the awesome &bean skin dollarbie on the way, too! Laters. -B-

It's All News To Me

Hair - WAKA and Yuki, New127 "Type"C 1
Skin - And Bean - Hounds of love pale (Dollarbie!)
Eyes - Celestial Studios, Optics Light Series, Sage
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes
Jacket -, Military.Jacket, Silver
Top -, Paradiso.Romper, Coral
Gloves - Vette's Boutique, V Gloves, Green
Shorts - Tahani Designs, Amelia jeans High Skirt, Dark Blue
Socks - League, Ella Stockings, Light Brown/Brown Garter
Shoes - House of Fox, AngynessHeels, Black
Pose - JUICY, JUICYBikini5

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