Don't Blame Me

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hi! Here I am again as I needed some cheering up on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Most of the stuff I'm wearing today is old (sweater and bag might not be available anymore) but cute nonetheless. The skirt is very affordable at L$65 and the stockings are free! The scarf, on the other hand, cost me a whopping L$300 (resizeable and very versatile, tho). That's it, TTYL. -B-

Don't Blame Me

Hair | Hair OH, Oh my Apple, G
Skin | Vive9, Carrot [fair] Red
Eyes | Vive9, Glam [paleblue] Eyes
Lashes | REDGRAVE, Eyelashes -10- Twiggy
Glasses | Cheap Makeup, Sartorialist glasses, Original
Scarf | The Dogs, Blame scarf, Orange
Sweater | UnTone Quilt, yuruyuru knit border sweater, brown
Top | NINIKO, Lace Shirt (Natural Tunic)
Bag | MimiEden, Psychedelic flower
Skirt | SpeXx, Plaid Skirt
Socks | Shiny Things, Solid thigh-highs, Acid (Freebie!)
Shoes | COCO, Oxford Shoes, Two-Tone

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