Eat Your Heart Out, Ridge

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello again! I've had a busy couple of weeks, pre-Christmas parties and such you know. But now I decided to take the time and post some Doppelganger Inc. goodies that have been piling up in my inventory.

K, let's start with the newest creation, The Forester (yes, I'm in love with a new For(r)ester). It's a unisex sweater that comes in four colors and with multiple options. You can wear the sweater with or without prim parts and with or without a plaid shirt underneath. I'm wearing it with prim parts and a green plaid shirt in the first picture below.

Next up is the pretty piece called Sweetheart. I'm not doing a very good job portraying it in the second picture but it's an open back shirt or dress depending on how you want to wear it. I opted for the floral pattern but it's available in tartan too.

Last but not least are The Henley and Button Me Up socks. The Henley shirts were made primarily for the guys but I do think girls can rock them equally well (if not  better, hee hee). I chose to wear the shirt in plum but there are six different colors to choose from. I don't even know how many color options there are for the socks but there are many believe you me. I'm wearing them in off white. I guess that was it for today. Laters! -B-



Henley & Button Me Up

Skin - RockBerry, Willow Light w/Frecks*
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Lashes - REDGRAVE, Eyelashes -10- Twiggy

Look 1
Hair - TRUTH, Candice, walnut
Sweater - Doppelganger Inc., Forester Sweater, Grey
Jeans -, Designer Jean Skinny, Light

Look 2
Hair -, Neva.2, Scornful Red
Necklace - Wrigglesworth Productions, Ladies Pearl Necklace
Dress - Doppelganger Inc., Sweetheart Floral Blue Sets

Look 3
Hair -, Tatum.2, Delighted Blond
Cardigan - KiiToS, Lentotahti Long Knit Gown, Burlywood
Top - Doppelganger Inc., Henley, Plum
Shorts -, Denim Shorts, Regular Wash
Socks - Doppelganger Inc., Button Me Up, Frozen Pond, off white
Shoes - LMK, Crow heels**

*Old hunt gift, not sure if available
**Designers United Oct 09 Exclusive


  1. Your new layout is super cute! <3 owls! - Emilee

  2. Yay, thank you Emilee! I had trouble choosing a background so I'm really glad to hear you like it. <3

  3. OMG!!! this is sooo cute :D you look like a cute lil girl xD awwww :D

  4. Thanks! Now that you mentioned it, my new shape does look a bit like a kid... xD