Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. After seeing several posts featuring cuteness from Modd.G, a store previously unfamiliar to me, I thought I'd go and buy some for myself. I had only bought one skirt when moddishh GossipGirl, the owner and the maker of my day, approached me and gave me a bunch of her designs to review.

I had a hard time trying to decide which pieces and colors to use in my looks as there were so many to choose from. I finally managed to put together five that, imho, give you a pretty good idea of what you can find at the store. If you like what you see, you'll have a fun time browsing the rest of the collection at Modd.G. -B-


Modd.G (2)

Skin - vive9, Po, Pure Meadow Skin, Cream (Group gift!)
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency ShineEyes, Fresh Blue
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes

Look 1
Hair - TRUTH, Vesper, mirage
Top - NINIKO, Natural Tunic lace_shirts
Dress - Modd.G, Liana Dress, Purple
Shoes - ANEXX, FringePumps, SilverWhite

Look 2
Hair - TRUTH, Cajsa, mirage
Tee - This is a Fawn, Phonics Tee B
Skirt - Modd.G, Kiss Me Tulip, Pink
Shoes - N-core, HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel, Black

Look 3
Hair - JUNWAVE, Vivi, Red (Freebie!)
Blouse -, Dans la Ville, White w/ Classic Blue
Gloves - Vette's Boutique, V Gloves, Green
Pants - Modd.G, Tabitha Jumper, Blue
Shoes - N-core, HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel, Black

Look 4
Hair - lamb, Unbirthday Redux, Powder
Cardigan - Pig, Ladies Like Flowers, Pink
Top -, Classic Beater, Gray
Bag - Tres Blah, Chic Satchel, robins egg*
Jeans - Modd.G, The Milky Way Jeans, Beige
Shoes - ANEXX, FringePumps, SilverWhite

Look 5
Hair - Shag, Deep, golden
Jacket - Pink Outfitters, Rosalie Blazer, wood forest green
Top - Pink Outfitters, Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse, white
Necklace - Boing Fromage, Lady Cameo Set
Skirt - Modd.G, Annie Plaid Skirt, Red
Shoes - N-core, HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel, Black

*Not sure if available (Bubbles Botox Bonanza's over folks)


  1. awwww your looks are really cute!
    my favorite look is the shag hair's one!
    love your looks <33

  2. Thanks Newreem! <3 Means a lot coming from you, I'm a big fan. :oD