Apples, Snails, Dots And Clogs

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi! It's Sunday afternoon again and I've got three looks to share with you. As you can see, I'm loving Junwave hair at the moment. The styles are cute, affordable (L$80 a pop) and easy to adjust, can't think of a better combination. Talking about adjusting, I made the dress in the first picture sligthly shorter to look more like a tunic.

Nope, I didn't forget to include a freebie. Nor did I forget to include something unavailable either. The clog shoes in the second picture are free, I bought them yesterday so they should actually still be there. The glasses on the other hand have been in my inventory for ages. I do know who made them but am pretty sure they were an old group gift or something and therefore unavailable.

Oh, almost forgot. The salopette jeans were only available at anuenue's Glitter Hair location when I bought them. So if you go looking for them in the main store and can't find them, try the SLurl provided below.

Happy Sunday! - B-

Apples, Snails, Dots And Clogs

Apples, Snails, Dots And Clogs (3)

Apples, Snails, Dots And Clogs (2)

Skin - RockBerry, Megan C, Natural
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue

Picture 1
Hair - JUNWAVE, Shell snail, Hazelnuts
Scarf -, Sweater Scarf, Cream
Dress - anuenue, AppleTdress, Red
Ring - UnTone, Clover ring with butterfly
Jeans - oyakin, Jeans
Shoes - UnTone Quilt, Retro Pumps, Artichoke

Picture 2
Hair - JUNWAVE, LovelyGirl_CutOff, H-nuts
Cardigan - COCO, Cardigan, Lace
Shirt - oyakin, Dotonp, Yellow
Ring - UnTone, Clover ring with butterfly
Jeans - UnTone Quilt, Rollup loose Denim, Blue
Shoes - Sakka's Studio, Free clog shoes (Freebie!)

Picture 3
Hair - JUNWAVE, Pop'nGirl, Hazelnut
Glasses - Geeky Ageplay Glasses by Marcelle DeCuir*
Scarf - MIEL, Thin Scarf,
Sweater - UnTone Quilt, Yuruyuru knit border sweater, Brown
Jeans - anuenue, SalopetteDenim (+*gl*+)
Shoes - 0N, Petanko cross, Camel

*Not sure if available


  1. Hey Bayberry I went to UnTone Quilt to get the sweater. And I just can not find it. :(

  2. I loves chu so much~ Your style and quirkiness I don't think you have any idea hee... I lust *noms*
    I think you look adorable in all 3 looks and I just lurveee Junwave's hair! Hard to put away!

  3. Howdy ladies!

    Emilee, was glad to hear you eventually found the sweater. :o)

    Anya, you're too cute for words. Thank you for the comment, and yea, Junwave rawks. ;o)