Saturday, April 4, 2009

B's back in the building, y'all. This time with some wigga sh*t. I'm wearing a new pair of sneaks, yay. They are very much customizable color and texture-wise, but you can also go with one of the many preset styles like I did. The shades and head bands have several color options, too, so I just clicked away and made them match the outfit.

Yus, I did find something cheap again, thank you for asking. The fabulous record bag is a dollarbie from FabulouS (ain't I da funniest person eva). Riight, just one more thing to say before I wrap this up. I don't think you should take any fashion advice from me, ever. Unless you accept the possibility of getting arrested by the fashion police. And, umm, could someone please bail me out? -B-


Skin - REDGRAVE, Venus, Nude
Hair - DejaVu, Mademoiselle, Caramel brown
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Sunglasses - FabulouS, Da Shutter
Necklace - KaWaii Jelly, Wheel Pendant
Vest - Bare Rose, Donna Vest*
Top - Shit Luck, Tight Top, Fuschia w/ Fishnet
Gloves - Shit Luck, Fingerless Gloves, Fuschia
Ring - *i-Candy*, Stars 4 Finger Rings
Bag - FabulouS, Record Bag (Dollarbie!)
Pants - SG Fashion, Galife Pants, Denim
Shoes - UBU, Drunks

*Part of an outfit

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