I Like Mine Fried

Monday, April 13, 2009

Howdy! I'm posting early-ish today and I'm thinking about breakfast. How do you like your eggs? I like mine fried. Especially when there are cool surprises in them (this only applies to SL, tho, surprises in actual food are not as welcome). Like purple bunny skins and ears to go with them.

Mhm. I did yet another hunt (read more about it here). And no, I'm not over Easter yet. Ok, so I figured purple bunnies can wear pretty much anything and get away with it. Like green hair, puffy pants, egg flats and whatnot. Most of the items are freebies, cheapies or group gifts (hair and similar suspenders are available for purchase if you missed the gifts).

If you feel like being a bunny for a day, now's the time to do it - without upsetting your balance! Doody for now! -B-

I Like Mine Fried

Skin - MIASNOW, Hunny Dreamy, Purple (Fried Egg Hunt!)
Ears - JAS, BunnyBops, Grunge Purple (Fried Egg Hunt!)
Hair - !lamb, Sick Muse, Lush (Group gift!)
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes*
Suspenders - aN, Apple suspenders (Group gift!)
Top - Twosome, PolkadottedKissmeT (Dollarbie!)
Pants - aN, Prince Charming, Ringo
Socks - Twosome, dikkesokken (Dollarbie!)
Shoes - 50 Flats, Green Eggs Flats (Freebie!)

*Not available atm

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