New Year, Old Tricks

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Once again we have bid farewell to Christmas and welcomed yet another new year. It was nice to take it easy and concentrate on things outside SL during the holidays but it's good to be back, too. A lot has happened on the fashion scene during my absence so I had a bit of a problem deciding what to blog first in 2009. Lo and behold, I went for something casual!

Nothing much to say about the outfit really. Only two things seem noteworthy. One: I have never sported red hair before but had to have Kin's new 'do in, well, red. Two: The jeans are only available at Registering is easy, tho, and well worth the effort. Three (yes, I lied): MMS, MMS Hair and Cachet have gone through a rebranding process and are now known as LeLutka.

That's it for now folks. Belated Happy New Year! -B-

New Year, Old Tricks

Skin - LeLutka, London, Pale makeup2a
Hair - Kin, Sari, Red
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes
Scarf - Bare Rose, Criss, DarkBlue
Jacket - AOHARU, MilitaryCoat, Olive
Shirt - Armidi Limited, The Bronx Tee, Powder Pink
Bag - Bare Rose, Lucky Horseshoe, Brown
Jeans -, Grace Jeans, Bleached
Shoes - REDGRAVE, Girls' Biker Boots, White


  1. Yes! I love Armidi's new website. I haven't updated my video card yet so when I go to the sim I lag horribly and it takes forever to rez. Sooo I'm so happy they have the website alot easier. I love the outfit you put together very cute! - Emilee

  2. My computer has seen better days so I'm very happy with the site, too. :o) Thank you for commenting! <3