Color Me Up, Scotty

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Sunday! I've been feeling very colorful lately, galloping away around SL looking like My Little Pony. I think it all started when I saw this picture on Flickr. Wow, I've always thought ZsaZsa's wigs are fierce but the picture really struck a cord and made me love them even more. My look is a little less high fashion, tho. xoD

I hadn't visited ZsaZsa's House of Beauty for quite some time and picked up a pair of lashes and a couple of skins (100 L$ a pop!), too. Omg, who knew tranny could be so cute? Aoharu, momo and Pink Fuel are responsible for the other cuteness going on in the outfit. Oh, and I found these lovely prim nails from Candy Nail (set to four different hand sizes).

K, I'm signing off for the day before we all die from a cuteness overdose. But before I do, imma make someone really happy... (Huh, whut? Might want to read some SLsecrets.)

/me chokes on the lollie

Color Me Up, Scotty

Skin - ZsaZsa's, Pale Queen, Gold
Hair - ZsaZsa's, Victoria Wig, Pink
Eyes - [SI], Monochrome Eyes, Amethyst 2 (Freebie!)
Lashes - ZsaZsa's, Big Tops
Lollipop - [PF], Heart Lollipop
Necklace - [PF], Bunny Necklace
Shrug - ~momo~, manguitas Top, Cloud
Shirt - ~momo~, YummyTee, pink
Nails - Candy Nail, #P014 Heart Butterfly, Purple
Skirt - AOHARU, BrilliantFairySkirt, Green
Shoes - AOHARU, BubblePearlHeel, SoftBlue_YellowPearl
Socks - AOHARU, TinyDotSocks, Gray

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