Feel The Burn

Saturday, November 15, 2008

There are almost 16 million residents in Second Life® of which some 400 000 spend money on a monthly basis and some 60 000 have a Positive Monthly Linden™ Dollar Flow. A bunch of RL brands have already made their way into SL in the hopes of finding a way to profit from this lucrative market and the number continues to grow.

These RL brands have sparked conversation but so have certain ones created inworld. Some residents seem to have grown tired of seeing the same items on every other avatar and repeatedly featured on blog posts. Others embrace every new release and rush over determined to get it while it's hot despite the often so horrible lag.

I go by a simple rule: I buy it when I like it, want it and look good in it. Trying too hard to be unique, for me, is just as silly as buying something just for the brand. Sometimes it's good to go with the herd and feel the sweet burn. -B-

Feel The Burn

Hair - MMS, DIELLI, Beach Blond
Skin - MMS, Moscow, Light (Gift skin)
Eyes - CS, Light, Teal
Lashes - PIDIDDLE, Eyelashes
Earrings - Bonita's Jewelry, Large Hoop Earring, Silver
Scarf - Decoy, Mraz Scarf, Coral
Shirt - Cachet, THEO blouse, pastelTIRQUE
Bracelet - Armidi Gisaci, Snakeskin Bangle, White Gold
Bag - Armidi Gisaci, Focsani Bag, White
Pants - Baiastice, Brocade pant, Black

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