Just A Thimbleful

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just popping in really quickly to share what i found browsing through the 5L sale at Thimbles. The sale ends tomorrow so you'd better hurry if you want a piece of the action. There's a catch, though. Only black and orange items are marked down in price. That being said I'm sure there's something for everyone... and remember, the leopard skirt is obligatory! ;o) -B-

Just A Thimbleful

Skin - Gamer Girl by Nylon Pinkney
Hair - ETD, Yvette, Platinum Burnt
Shoes - ETD, Heel Strap Platforms, Blue

Bow - Boardwalk Bow
Shirt - Dollinger Tee Tank, Black
Skirt - Obligatory Leopard Miniskirt, Caramel Coloring

Shirt - Charlie Moved to Miami, Naranja
Pants - A Town without Pants/short, Black

Bow - Banned from the Roxy neckbow (Not on sale)
Dress - Your Mom's Sweater Dress, Black
Shirt - Haltura, Firetruck

Hurry over to *Thimbles* and go crazy! ;o)

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