Barely Covered

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yay, it didn't take me three weeks to post this time. ;o) And nooo, you don't have to be afraid of any nudity. The witty *cough* title is referring to some fabulosity from Bare Rose Tokyo. I hadn't actually bought much from the huge shop before but made up for the damage today, lol.

I seldom wear outfits as they are but the TRADurian needed very little adjusting. I only replaced the socks with white fishnets, threw on the cutest pair of Mary Janes and was happy with the result. The second look has just one Bare Rose piece in it, the dark Fantasy shirt, but it is the key element. I paired the frilly dream of a shirt with yet another pair of high-waisted pants and dollarbie shoes from Fuel.

Just a few more things before the piccies. I forgot to mention something kinda important in my last post. Monta Horan, one of the coolest male fashionistas out there, took some pictures of me and posted my look on his blog. I had trouble concentrating during the shoot as he's just that damn hot, lol. So please take a look at Monta's blog, if you haven't already. K, I guess that was pretty much all for now, nighty night. -B-

Picture 1:
Skin - REDGRAVE, Hana, Smoky (Pale)
Hair - Magika, Emo, Blonde A
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - Minnu Model Skins, Dott Eye Lashes
Outfit - Bare Rose, TRADurian
Socks - EtchD, Sweetness, Cookies and Cream
Shoes - Unique Needs, Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane, All Colors

Picture 2:
Skin - REDGRAVE, Hana, Smoky (Pale)
Hair - Novocaine, Antoinette, Cocoa
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Shirt - Bare Rose, Fantasy Shirt, Dark
Pants - LeeZu Baxter Designs, Lea Pants, Black
Shoes - Fuel, Bella Courts, Poppy (Dollarbie!)


  1. Hi Bayberry, You are always nice look! :)
    Thank you for appearing in my blog. Let's enjoy it together again :)

  2. Aww, thank you Monta! :oD It was my pleasure, I'm ready for another round any time. ;o)