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Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh yes darlings, this time I did it in Latin! xoD The title is referring to Dice Beattie, a designer who has created a bunch of funky fresh items under two brands: Roll The Dice and Beats by Dice Beattie. Roll The Dice is a casual store that offers unisex tees, jeans, shorts, and accessories. Beats by Dice Beattie, on the other hand, specializes in couture.

I met Dice briefly yesterday and it was his vibrant look that inspired me to put Baybs aside and appear as Clubgoer Female in this post. I chose to go a bit crazy with the pictures, too, as I wanted to emphasize the yummyliscious colors and the somewhat unpolished quality that make the line so much fun. Oh, and I so am $ingle if you're rich baby!

Dare to be edgy? If so, Dice has just the thing for you. Perhaps bag the foxy pink bathing suit and have a relaxing float on a sandwich. Go on, you deserve it... ;o) -B-

Avatar - Clubgoer Female by Nylon Pinkney

Picture 1:
Hair - (NO), Repressed inner child (Medium)
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Shirt - [RD], How We Roll Tee
Pants - [RD], Damask Jeans, Tintable
Shoes - Armidi Gisaci, Dalia Pump, Yellow

Picture 2:
Hair - MAU's & MEJ's, Afro xxl
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Shirt - [RD], I'm Single If You're Rich Tee
Gloves - Beats, Green Gloves
Pants - [RD], Green Gym Shorts
Socks - EtchD, Sweetness, Cookies and Cream
Shoes - AW Design, Sugar 'N Spice, Black/Hot Pink

Picture 3:
Hair - Clubgoer Female Prim Hair
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Sunglasses - [RD], Tie Die Shades, Yellow-Blue
Swimsuit - Beats, Swirly Cyclone Bathing Suit
Gloves - Beats, Yellow Gloves

Pictures taken at Sharlies Angels

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