Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi, just popping in to post something really quick before I vanish for a couple of days again. It's just an outfit I had so much fun wearing that now I'm sharing! ;o)

What was so fun about wearing it you may ask. Well, I got myself a male AO, met a great girl who invited me to attend an underwater heavy metal party... and let me tell you it was pretty cool to mosh wearing a hat like the one you see below.

Up for some jolly good time? Click on the SLurls, grab the pieces and get ready to rawk! ;o)

/me waves

Skin - REDGRAVE, Venus, Nude
Hair - Mirai Style, Fuka, Latte
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - AC, Gentle Brush
Tie - ChaCla, PUNK Necktie
Hoodie - Fishy Strawberry, Minihood, Yellow
Top - Armidi, Tricote Nada, Pink
Manicure - Awesome Designs, French Tip Manicure, Black
Belt - Daffy's Gadgetmania, Red Skul Belt
Jeans - Iki, Skinny Jean, Indigo
Shoes - J's, Goth Buckle Up Boots

Pictures taken at Public Photo Garden