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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi, my name is Bayberry Lilliehook and I'm a style schizophrenic. I admire all the people who have established a signature style and exude confidence from every pore. I, on the other hand, am in the habit of changing my appearance on a daily basis. Today I'm a princess, tomorrow a tomboy. Go figure. It's a good thing this ailment isn't one I need to be popping pills for. ;o) It actually keeps things kinda interesting for me.

After a couple of kyoot-ish fashion posts I felt like doing something a bit different again. So, I took a look around a sim called Kowloon. The place is inspired by the RL Kowloon in Hong Kong (hence the title in least I think it is), but seems to cater to a Japanese crowd. It's visually great but also the sounds add to the experience. I had a weird feeling the whole time I was there, like someone was watching...

So what will you find there? Hung animals (aww, I'm sure they didn't suffer), flying turtles, the weirdest turntables ever, carnivorous vines (ok, I may have misinterpreted this one), staring pairs of eyes and a lot more. Never been to Kowloon? Go, there, now! ;o)

Skin - {bazy}, emmie, light 80's
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Lashes - Minnu Model Skins, PhotoShoot EyeLashes
Hair - Gritty Kitty, Davinci Load, frenchvanilla
Piercing - Fuel, Monroe Piercing
Necklace - ]monogrind[, dogtags saved my life
Hoodie - Ducknipple, Jacket Checkers, Gray
Armbands - ]monogrind[, hardcore armbrands
Belt - Kyoot Army, Bella Morte, Dark
Jeans - Iki, Skinny Jean, Indigo
Shoes - UBU, PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops, MultiColor v2

Location - Kowloon

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