The White Victorian

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm going on a cruise today and wanted to post before I go. I don't have any particular theme or such in mind but did come up with something. One of my SL friends promised to help out a noob and asked if I wanted to go shopping with them. I never say no to shopping and went along. It turned out to be a very useful trip for me as well as it forced me to take a closer look at my crazy inventory.

As I've mentioned before I'm an active reader of SL blogs and have stumbled upon various posts saying that it's once again possible to buy Lo Jacobs' creations from Luxe Brand Outlet. I, like so many others, adore the White Victorian Blouse and consider it to be one of my wardrobe essentials, even though it's midriff-baring (you can, of course, pair it up with high-waisted pants etc. to hide that belly button).

Having pulled this gem out of my inventory again, I thought I'd post a couple of suggestions on how to make it work. I chose more than one piece from the Last Call collection (like the über-cute Mary Ann platforms!) to go with it just so you'd have the chance to go and bag the items before they close up shop for good. Oh, but now it's bag packing time for me, see you all later!

Skin - Minnu Model Skins, Pale SkinGloss, Base
Hair - ETD, Xaria, Sunny
Earrings - Muse, Claris Pearl Earrings, Silver
Shirt - Luxe Brand, White Victorian Blouse
Shrug (top right) - Last Call, Dahlia Mini-Sweater, Barn*
Shrug (bottom left) - MG fashion, Crocheted Shrug, Petroleum
Bracelet - Muse, Claris Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, Silver
Skirt - Last Call, Yelena Torn Miniskirt*
Pants - ETD, Pinstripe Knickers, Brown
Shoes - Last Call, Mary Ann Platforms

*Part of an outfit

(For details on eyes, lashes and hair flower see previous posts)

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