Sunday Stroll

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sundays are kinda weird for me. They seem to suck all the energy out of me making it impossible to do anything productive (if posting doesn't count). So, I decided to take a Sunday stroll in SL and headed to the new shopping district, Rue D'Antibes, styled after the French Riviera. There are, of course, a lot of shops but it's also a very pretty sim to look at.

For the stroll I wore a simple shirt, capri jeans and a cute pair of platforms. I've been trying to find the shirt ever since I saw it on a blog I often read. I finally found it and it was actually a freebie! The cuffed jeans (not wearing cuffs in the picture below) come in two versions, plain and with holes.

I accessorized with a flower to accentuate the sweetness of the hairdo and an anklet just because I think it looks nice. ;o) Well that's about it this time... Have a nice Sunday! <3

Skin - Dutch Touch, Amy, Sunkissed Cherry Peach
Hair - ETD, Natasha, Sunny Burnt
Hair Flower - Essentia, White Red Rose
Shirt - Blaze, Boyfriend Buttondown
Tank - It's All Good, Long Tank Top, Seafoam
Jeans - The Abyss, Cuffed Capri
Anklet - Ricx's Fine Jewelry, Diamond Silver Anklet
Shoes - Armidi Gisaci, Dhali Bow Platforms, Chiffon

Location - Rue D'Antibes

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