Filth Trip

Sunday, February 24, 2008

In RL I've always wondered why so many people think public transportation is the best place to check what treasures can be found in one's nose, ears or other bodily cavities. The findings are often explored with intense care and then disposed of by multiple ways of which eating is not the most unusual one. Excessive thinking made it hard for me to breathe in public transportation for a while but I snapped out of it eventually. So why am I telling you this? Just to make a point - I don't do dirt.

Regardless of the fact that I don't do dirt in RL, I find myself strangely attracted to it online. Please don't get me wrong, I'm only referring to the aesthetics of it. ;) Abandoned subway stations, shady apartments, dark alleys and such are great places to explore and take pictures in. This time I made a trip to Slacker City. It was way laggy for me but I managed to take a look at the subway station, supermarket and brothel.

I found some treasures of my own on my little filth trip e.g. the artwork hung on the brothel walls was very interesting and I also liked the colorful shelves in the supermarket. These building structures can be found in more than one place in the grid but if you'd like to visit Slacker City, you'll find the slurl after the picture and product details.

Skin - Dutch Touch, Amy no nose freckles, Make Up 2
Hair - ETD, Gwen, Sunny Burnt
Sunglasses - FNKY!, Fly, Raspberry
Earrings - Yummy, Beaded Hoop
Hoody - Nylon Outfitters, Flower Hoody, Blue
Tank - Boing Fromage, Beater Rib Tank, Plain
Pants - Nylon Outfitters, Jewel Belted Cut-Offs
Fanny Pack - Yummy, Day Glow Green
Socks - EtchD, Sweetness Fishnets, White
Shoes - Shiny Things, Dare Pumps, Hot Pink

Location - Slacker City

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