Frumpty Dumpty

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi! Christmas has come and gone but I didn't quite get it out of my SL system yet. Foxes' Christmas gift sweater is so cool I could wear it all year round. Today I chose to wear it with Pixicat pants and Hucci booties. And green hair, of course. Plus some antler action on top of it. Yeah... That's it I guess. Maybe something a little bit more fit for spring next?

Thank you for reading. This tipsy elf needs some sleep now. -B-

HeadphonesNS, Reindeer Antler Headphones
HairTameless Hair, Sloan, Fantasy*
Skin | Essences, Bijoux TDRF03, pale02 (The Dressing Room FUSION)
Tongue | A&M, Emote Tongues, Sticking Out
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara
SweaterFoxes, Frumpy Sweater, O Deer (Group gift!)
Pants | Pixicat, Wintry.Tights Snow, Black
Shoes | Hucci, Aviano Booties, Moonglow (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin

*Review copies

Don't Hate, Illuminate

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hi! I hope you've all had a nice Saturday so far. I've had a bit of time just for myself today so I decided to post something for your viewing pleasure. And mine, of course.

So, most of what I'm wearing is Collabor88 stuff again but I did get something at a regular price. And the winner is [insert drum roll here] a pair of Corset Trekkers in black by The Sugar Garden. They're for Slink high but luckily my new Maitreya mesh body is fully Slink hands and feet compatible. Can I get a hallelujah for that? Amen. There are some .random.Matter. accessories, too, that I've picked up along the way.

That's it, really. Thank you very much for reading, hope to see you again soon! -B-

Headpiece | .random.Matter., Valeria Flower Crown, Green
HairLamb, Illuminate, Pastel Pack (Collabor88)
Skin | Glam Affair, Sia II Ice, Asia tone 03
Eyebrows | Glam Affair, Rose Universal Eyebrow 05, Black
Eyes | Song Eyes, Hope, Storm Eye
Nose chain.random.Matter., Sanza Nose Chain, Gold
Makeup (lips) | Pekka, HOMICIDAL Lipstick, blood
Teeth.random.Matter., Belial Teeth
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara
Jacket | Milk Motion, wool jacket, chevronwool, red (Collabor88)
DressTee*fy, Freya Dress, Creme (Collabor88)
ShoesThe Sugar Garden, Corset Trekkers, Black
Pose | marukin

Body Bliss

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hi! MIA for almost two months. Shame on me. I've been pretty tired and kinda stressed out in the evenings. My new job description has been a positive development but it has also been a bit draining. SL usually helps me unwind but oh boy do I need a new computer. I need to decide on the specs, just buy one and stop complaining already.

Something I'm not complaining about, though, is my new Maitreya mesh body, Lara. The best thing about it for me is that's it's very easy to use (I never had the patience for figuring out TheMeshProject, tbh). Lara is compatible with SLink hands and feet, too. Although I must say that the hands and feet included are very nice and I'm sure add-ons will be aplenty.

So yeah, 'cause I spent most of my money on the body all the rest is Collabor88. The shoes are an older Collabor88 purchase but I had them redelivered for an update for the new Maitreya feet high. If you have previously purchased a pair of Maitreya Gold shoes, I recommend keeping an eye out for an update. Shiki, Zest, Laud, Suave, Liaison and Thigh High Boots have all been updated thus far.

Thank you very much for reading and sticking around. I may be gone for a while every now and again but I keep coming back persistently. Now, good night. -B-  

HairLamb, Lullaby, Dark Blonde Pack
Skin | Glam Affair, Sia Europa 08 (Collabor88)
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara
OutfitFoxes, Wallflower Dress & Cardi, Romance (Collabor88)
ShoesMaitreya Gold, Zest Pumps, Brown