Moonless Wednesday

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hi. OMG, three! That's gotta be a record of some sort. This is the most I can do today, though, as I can't put off packing any longer. This is a very simple look. Just a couple of ISON pieces and TRUTH hair. I bought the hair in light brown, btw, but noticed that the default color is not one of the colors in the HUD (probably a blonde?) and decided to use it instead. That's it.

Now, good night. -B-

HairTRUTH, Armelle (Über)
Head | LeLutka, Mesh Head, EVER v1.0
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara V2.1
DressISON, wednesday dress, red (Collabor88)
ShoesISON, moonless boots, white (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin

The Hair Is On Fire

Hi! Oh wow, I'm on fire. At least my hair is. Actually, I'm referring to posting two looks on the same day. I should be packing, though. We're going away on holiday for a week. As you might already know, I hate packing. I admit packing for a mere week shouldn't be that hard but, yeah, it is. So, why not post looks until I simply must pack? Good idea.

I'm still sporting the LeLutka head and Maitreya body. The blazing hair is Hollywood by little bones and you can find it at Uber. The fluid trench coat is Milk Motion's item for the current round of Collabor88. I forgot where I got the jeans from but they're by Pumpkin. The shoes are this Saturday's Saturday sale item by REIGN.

Gah, I guess that's it. Let's see if I can squeeze more looks in... If not, see you in a week or so. And, of course, thank you again for reading. -B-

Hairlittle bones, Hollywood, DipDye&Fades (Über)
Head | LeLutka, Mesh Head, EVER v1.0
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara V2.1
Coat | Milk Motion, fluid trench coat, peach (Collabor88)
Jeans | Pumpkin, re:Baggy jeans
ShoesREIGN, Rissa Plats, White
Pose | marukin

I'm A Mesh Lover, Yes I Am

Hi! OK, yes, I got one of them too. A LeLutka mesh head that is. I chose Ever but could have easily gone with Leda, too. The head is extremely easy to use which is a must for me. The only con is that I see a big clump of black instead of lashes when I try to wear them. So, I'm wearing my Koketka go-to lashes which seem to work fine with the head. Can't blink with them on, though, so hopefully I'll get the default lashes working somewhere along the line (I'm a Firestorm user in case you're interested).

I know I said I'd be posting more Twin Peaks inspired looks soon but it looks like I got distracted. No Collabor88 today but some Kustom9. The hair and the shirt + skirt combo are Kustom9 items to be more exact. The colorful bangles are a new release by my SL/RL friend behind bastnut, please check them out (more color options available, btw). The shoes are by REIGN, they were a Saturday sale item but not this Saturday.

Isn't that pretty much it? Yes, I think it is. Now some food for my hungry stomach. Thank you very much for stopping by. My little bears won't eat you if you keep coming back. -B-

Hair | taketomi, Junko, Browns (Kustom9)
Head | LeLutka, Mesh Head, EVER v1.0
BodyMaitreya, Mesh Body, Lara V2.1
OutfitAMITOMO, under t-shirt with skirt #1 (Kustom9)
Banglesbastnut, Mesh Simple Bangles, Colours*
Shoes | REIGN, Haiden Plats, White
Pose | marukin

*Review copies