Wet Feet, Bunnies And Bumblebees

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hi! So, my graphics card died *again* and the flu came back. Double yay for that. But I'm still kicking. In today's look I'm wearing lots of hunt prizes and other cheapies. Couldn't resist the urge to wear ATOMIC's old VIP gift skin as I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged it before. Don't think it's available anymore, tho. Sorry. The Seasons Hunt prizes, on the other hand, are very much available all through the rest of April. More info on the hunt here and here. Go chase 'em beezzzz! TTYL. -B-

Wet Feet, Bunnies And Bumblebees

Hair | Posh, Naive, Milky (L$25 sale!)
Skin | ATOMIC, Skin Bunny_Porcelain (Old VIP gift)
Makeup | hate me and eat me, m-u-0016 (Cheapie!)
Scarf | vive9, Spring Silk Scarf, Rose (CHIC Limited)
Sweater | fri.day, Vneck Sweater, Brown
Top | Willow, Cinched Waist Tank, Floral (The Seasons Hunt)
Bag | TOSL, Gran's Attic Purse, Belle Bleue (The Seasons Hunt)
Jeans | This is a Fawn, Pegged Jeans, floral (The Seasons Hunt)
Shoes | un Jour* (The Seasons Hunt)
Prop | Olive Juice, Spring on a String (The Seasons Hunt)
Location | nordari.

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