Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello! I've got this really cute new necklace by Yummy! and no one to share it with. Yes, I'm begging for friends here. Will you be Bay's friend forever? But seriously. If you have a BFF in SL the Best Friends Trinket Necklace is a great way to show him/her you care. More info here. Oh, and while visiting Tableau why not take a look at the new stuff for guys at Nylon Outfitters? You obviously don't have to be a guy to make the items work. But you can be. -B-


Hair - TRUTH | Minx, Honey
Skin - Fashionably Dead | Bird Skin, Princess 5
Eye makeup - ATOMIC | 2.0 Victim Makeup, Set 2
Freckles - La Malvada Mujer | Hi Twiggy!
Teeth - PXL | Mouth_open_Addon_v6
Necklace - Yummy! | Best Friends Trinket Necklace
Sweater - NINIKO | Knit sweater, Pink
Shirt - Nylon Outfitters | Buttondown Plaid, Green
Jeans - Surf Couture | Belmar Skinny Jeans, Blue Dots
Socks - Milk Motion | My high socks (Old FLF)
Shoes - Surf Couture | Olea Boots, Worn (Old FLF)
Pose - GLITTERATI | Long Hair 2 - 10
Location - Drowsy

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