Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good evening! I love, love, love Nylon Outfitters and always get super excited about new releases. This time I got even more excited than before as the new tops have layer options. It means that now you and I can wear them with jackets like the Ka-POW jacket (that has original artwork by Nylon on the back, btw). Head on over to Tableau and check them out! Laters. -B-   


Hair | lamb, Sugarless, Butterfinger
Skin | Fashionably Dead, Bird Skin, Blue Bird
Glasses | The Wrigglesworth Residence, Tinted Aviator Glasses
Scarf | Bare Rose, Donna Brown Scarf
Jacket | Nylon Outfitters, Ka-POW Jacket, Green
Top | Nylon Outfitters, Lacey Henley, Cream
Jeans | Nylon Outfitters, Patchwork Jeans
Boots | COCO, FlatAnkleBoots, Black (Christmas gift!)

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