Forever Blowing Bubbles

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good day darlings. On Friday I focused on the 50 Linden Friday item and didn't really write about any of the other things I was wearing. That's why I thought I'd wear some pieces from the same places and tell you about them today.

First off, I was really glad to find out that miw (Miwako Cheney) offers a wallful of dollarbie goodies at the Gnubie Store. My personal favourite has got to be the danglepuff tunic, even tho I'm not wearing the puffs (I have yet to figure out how to attach multiple items on the same spot). If you've already roamed through Gnubie recently, I recommend you take a look at Jetcity. Awesome freebies and cheapies, such as the gray knit boots, to be found there, too.

Ok then, I think I've got Friday covered. Moving on. It's getting pretty chilly, especially here in Finland. Don't really care for the cold but don't mind adjusting my wardrobe to the new season. I know it's not necessary to live by the seasons in SL but it does add a bit of variety, don't you think? So, I wrapped myself up in a chunky scarf and covered my head with a warm hat. The holey leggings may not be the best choice on a cold day but they're just that cute. Laters. -B-

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Skin - Fashionably Dead, Bird Skin, Blue Bird
Hair - Hair OH, Oh my SnowMan, G
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Lashes - REDGRAVE, Eyelashes -04- MoulinRouge
Bubble Pipe - Tableau, Lunar Cafe Bubble Pipe (Cheapie!)
Scarf - Hair OH, Lovers Muffler, Girlfriend
Tunic - miw, Danglepuff Tunic, Cranberry (Dollarbie!)
Shorts - DPyumyum, short pants, green
Leggings - Kookie, Holey kisses leggings
Boots - Jetcity, knit Boots, Glay (Cheapie!)

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