Thursday, March 26, 2009

From hippie to homeless. Not sure why homeless. Maybe 'cause I'm sporting some freebie stuff again and took the pictures at this flooded sim called REZ. And yea, I'm wearing my favourite sneakers... again! ;o)

Uh-kay, just a couple of facts about the items. Both the hat and the sweatshirt are freebies, yay. Loving the hair. But! Was very disappointed to find out it was no mod even tho it was supposed to be mod. :o/ It does come with a resize script... but everything else (let's say you want to move this one strand of hair that bothers you) is pretty much a big fat no can do.

Loving the flare leg jeans times two. I always have some issues with fitting prim attachments but, ya know, who cares. The jeans still rawk. The leg parts come in three color options. Click! That's all you need to do. The same applies to the hat, btw. Buh-bye. -B-


Skin - (fd), Light Skin, Ripe
Hat - *KUROTSUBAKI*, Tulip hat (Freebie!)
Hair - glitter hair, M+choco
Eyes - Glanz, Transparency Shine Eyes, Fresh Blue
Top - *UnToneQuilt*, Duck brown sweatshirt (Freebie!)
Jeans - BP*, Flare leg jeans, blue
Shoes - Algernon, Canvas Lace Sneaker v1.20

Location - REZ

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