School Spirit

Saturday, January 10, 2009

After seeing at least a couple of inspiring school-related posts in the feeds recently, I just had to make one of my own. I tried really hard not to do the mouth accessory thing but wasn't able to save myself from it. So here I am, chewing on a croissant thinking I can't let it develop into a fetish (if it does, I shall blame the SL Pixel Food Fetish Club group on Flickr).

Right, maybe a word or two about the outfit would be in order. I built the look around a lovely pair of plaid pants from Boing Fromage (plaid=school, right?). In addition to something plaid I had layers, certain colors (red, blue, green) and accessories in mind. I guess there's a bit much going on, but I like it.

One last thing before I poof. Sometimes I'm lazy. I don't always check if all the items I use are still available inworld. I sincerely apologize for that. Feedback is much appreciated if you stumble upon such a piece. Peace out. -B-

School Spirit

Skin - RockBerry, Megan C, Natural (Lucky chair!)
Hair - Truth, Ruby, Walnut
Eyes - Glanz, FreshBlue
Earrings - Muse, Claris Pearl, Silver
Scarf - Bare Rose, Criss, DarkBlue
Jacket - Bare Rose, Criss,Grey
Shirt - UnToneQuilt, Charcoal sweatdress
Tank - Thimbles, Barfight Brenda, Ale
Gloves - Vette's Boutique, V Gloves, Green
Bracelet - Muse, Claris Pearl and Diamond, Silver
Ring - fuse, Bloom (Freebie!)
Bag - Bare Rose, Evita, Brown
Pants - BF, Plaid Cuffed BoyShorts
Socks - DPyumyum, Sweater black Socks
Shoes - Fuel, Bambee Wedges, Strawbs
Croissant - HANAUTA